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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our Mission : To play music , sing and have a good time and try to entertain each and every one that is around us . And spread the Gospel through music with the talents God has given each of us .

We are a finely tuned Bluegrass / Gospel band from the NE Fla. and SE Ga. area and we pride ourselves on performing traditional music only . We only play in family oriented environments where everyone can have a good time . We all have at least 30 years of musical background , individually and as band members . We believe in having fun !!  And when it stops being fun , we will  find another hobby .

Below is a brief summary of our band.

Billy Brant plays Lead Guitar and Six String Banjo, sings lead and back up vocals and is the MC for the group . He has a unique style of flat note picking on the guitar and his banjo playing sounds like the clawhammer . He also doe's Willie Nelson impersonations . Billy has over 30 years of musical experience .
Lucille Brant sings lead and back up vocals and she handles most of the booking for the group . She adds a lot of high energy to our stage shows and is very outspoken and never meets a stranger . Lucille has many years of musical experience and much of that is Gospel .
Terry Dillhyon plays mandolin and guitar he also sings lead and back up vocals . Terry sings the traditional style of bluegrass . Terry had his own very successful country band for years and now he has converted to bluegrass. He has over 30 years of musical experience .
John Gray plays the bass and acoustic guitar for the group and has been in bands for many years . John is the newest member of our group and has brought a very smooth sound to us . His hard driving Bass and very clean style on the rythym guitar is unsurpassed . John also has a smile for every body .
Richard Wilkes is the senior of our group, he plays guitar and sings lead and back up vocals . He sings a lot of the traditional country and gospel songs that we heard during the Hank Williams Sr. era . Richard was on the road for years with his own band and has played for Roy Acuff , Archie Campbell and Ernest Tubb . He  has met with a lot of the real country stars
from the days when country was country . He has over 40 years of musical experience .